Today I had a lovely surprise from my boyfriend

I’m writing this in a very excited state. It been absolutely ages since me and my boyfriend did something nice and tonight when he came home he said that he had booked us a lovely meal in a hotel and a night away as well.

I’m really looking forward to it, it’s only in a few nights time so it will be really really nice to do that and it’s completely out of the blue. If you’ve been reading my blog you will probably know that I have been feeling a bit down recently, and I’ve also been having mixed feelings about how my home study is going.

I’m doing a degree in between working, as a mature student, and I have been really struggling with keeping up with the pace of academic writing. It’s got so bad that I have actually been considering buying book report writing online. In fact, if I’m honest I have already made that decision and I’m going to get some writing help.

Is not going to be something I do all the time, but right at this moment in time I need the pressure taken off me before I go pop, so I’m just going to order a couple of pieces of writing, so that I can use them to complete the essays I have to do, I just need help with my essays right now in order to take some weight of my shoulders.

Doing that and having a lovely meal and night away should hopefully take the pressure off me enough for me to get a fresh mindset and start again. I’ve been really concerned that I can’t handle the pace and it’s starting to have a negative effect on me physically and emotionally, and obviously it can’t continue. I don’t want to burden my boyfriend with this problem so I have been bottling up and keeping it myself, which I’m obviously aware I cannot continue to do.

Anyway, I course have set the and I have to stay on that course now, so I’m going to just enjoy the time with my boyfriend away and I’m going to just be quiet about the writing help I have bought and use it as a springboard to do better for myself.

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