The night in the park with my missing dog

This is not a blog post I was hoping to write. I was hoping to tell you I was feeling a lot better today after feeling really blue and down the other day about the possibility of ordering writing help online.

I have already spoken about my dilemma in paying for book report writing and I don’t want to go over that ground again, I just want to try move forward at this point, although I will again say that buying writing help is not something I am proud of.

But anyway, after doing some essay writing today, I went to take the dog for a walk this evening after tea. We were in the park and the dog suddenly bolted off across the park after a rabbit that was on the edge of the woods that go along one edge of the park. She disappeared and didn’t come out, and because it was getting dark I couldn’t go in and look for her, so I was was trapped in the situation of having to stand in the park and call her.

It was really quite dark by the time she came back. Nearly an hour later this was, and from a totally different direction. I think she must have run straight through the woods, circled the park and then come back in through the gate. Anyway, by the time I got home it was very late, and I didn’t have time to do any more report writing today.

So instead I’m taking 10 minutes to write this blog post to vent my frustrations at my dog. Although it’s not her fault, she’s just doing what instinct tells her to do, it’s just annoying that it happens tonight, when I don’t usually take her for a walk at all.

On a positive note my partner thought it was hilarious and seemed to be very happy that it hadn’t happened when he took her for a walk. Usually it’s him who takes the dog for a walk after we have eaten because I have to catch up with a bit more academic work and he likes to unwind before we go to bed, but tonight I said I would do it and it was a fateful decision.

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